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PURE Cuisine


Fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared using French culinary techniques to create a spectacular gastronomic feast. Our 100% natural menu, with no artificial additives of any kind, will awaken your taste buds with pure delight.

Culinary excellence begins with the chef’s approach, based on carefully selected ingredients. At Hotel Royal Beitou our pursuit of culinary excellence doesn’t stop there. We personally inspect suppliers, with our chefs visiting our exclusive fruit and vegetable producers on Yangmingshan twice-weekly. Our produce is guaranteed to be 100% organic and pesticide-free. Sun, soil, air, water—these are the elements which provide the basic nutrients for growth. Cultivated and cooked with the utmost care, our ingredients produce a dining experience that is unlike any other. 

At Hotel Royal Beitou our ethos is health living: each of PURE Cuisine’s dishes has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation by both chefs and nutritionists in order to produce cuisine which is both delicious and nutritious. We believe that great-tasting food can also be great for your body. 

We place special emphasis on using seasonal produce which complements your body’s natural rhythms. PURE Cuisine uses ‘sous-vide’ techniques to bring out the natural flavor of each ingredient. Our 100% pure vegetable and fruit juices are freshly prepared on-site. We add nothing—not even a drop of water—because the natural flavors and sweetness are all you need for the most mouthwatering beverages.

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This hotel has on-site parking. Parking fees are as follows:

1. One hour free parking when dining at PURE Cuisine. Free parking for the duration of your meal when you spend more than NT$1,000.

2. NT$30 for the first hour and NT$15 for every subsequent half-hour or part thereof. Maximum daily charge: NT$360.

3. The parking lot can be found on B1 and B2. Parking fees are payable on B2.


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    Breakfast 07:00–10:30
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    Dinner     18:00–22:00