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Hotel at a Glance


Introduction to Hotel Royal Beitou

The Hotel Royal Group’s brand vision is to create a hotel that is an amazing place to be, where unforgettable memories are created. After three years of planning a high-end health and lifestyle resort, we launched the Hotel Royal Beitou as a completely new kind of hotel, incorporating both fitness and health treatments.

Hotel Royal Beitou is the only hotel in Taipei to offer a range of hotel-based and outside classes and activities. With our three core offerings—fitness, stretching and relaxation, and hydrotherapy—we use both dynamic and static exercise to revitalize your body and reinvigorate your mind.

 Our guiding concept is to incorporate health management in a hotel so as to build lasting health through a comprehensive service which comprises nutrition, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, a wide range of indoor and outdoor exercise, and professional consultation. When our guests leave, they take with them a deeply planted understanding of health which opens up to them new vistas of healthy living. We hope to become known as the first choice for travelers staying in Beitou.

Spatial Design

The internationally renowned Dutch architects Mecanoo were hired to model the internal space. The language of the interior centers on the purity of nature and distills the essence of Beitou’s three great natural resources: spring water, stone, and trees. The result is a stylish, modern building with clean, simple lines and a sense of tranquility. 

Imagery of the hot spring runs throughout the hotel, using gentle sweeping lines to link the various parts and main styles in the interior space. The curved wooden paneling represents the act of travel, flowing through the hotel’s many different spaces, from KUAN SPA to the hydrotherapy center, to the health check-up center and on. The images of spring also bring out the idea of a never-ending cycle that constantly renews and replenishes itself. 

The interior is largely built of naturally grained stone and wood in order to subtly represent the natural environment of Beitou. The tranquil and relaxed ambience helps you to slow down and unwind and get a deep feeling for the beauty of Beitou. The hotel has painstakingly chosen a color scheme which fully brings out the joy and dynamism of natural light. These colors are also used in textiles, glass, cutlery, and lighting, especially in the restaurant, which is full of fresh and delicious ingredients, allowing our guests to get an even better feel for the restaurant’s invigorating energy. 

In line with the hotel`s goal of natural health, all the materials used in the interior are EEWH-certified as green building materials. The building has been designed to save energy and water and has a wealth of foliage. Our building was built to be environmentally friendly, save resources and minimize waste.


Set up in the Netherlands in 1984, Mecanoo specializes in designing buildings which integrate aspects of local culture, history, and environment in order to create something which perfectly complements the distinctive local area and suits users’ needs. Mecanoo is led by founding architect and creative director Francine Houben and technical director Aart Fransen and brings together over 120 architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, and construction engineers from 25 countries. Well-known works include the Library of Birmingham and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre in the UK, La Llotja Theater and Conference Center in Spain, the Montevideo Residential Tower, a hybrid high-rise, in the Netherlands, and the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Wei-Wu-Ying) in Taiwan.




Art Showcase

Lin Wenyu, the artist responsible for the artworks in Hotel Royal Beitou’s public space
Born Lin Yawen in Tainan, Lin took the pen name Wenyu Zouma. His output includes visual arts, porcelain, installations, and essays on culture. We invited Lin to set up an art installation in the public space in Hotel Royal Beitou. Using Hokutolite (also known as “Beitou stone”) and the smoke and mist of the hot spring as a source of inspiration, Lin created the “Water”, “Mist”, “Stone” series of artworks. In contrast with Mecanoo’s Western take on the unique natural features of Beitou, Lin brilliantly brings out what is unique and renowned about Beitou’s environment from an Eastern perspective. 

Hokutolite is a rare ore and the only mineral in the world which is named after a place in Taiwan. A cubic crystalline ore, Hokutolite was discovered in 1905 by Japanese mineralogist Y. Okamoto in Beitou Creek in the grounds of Beitou Park. Apart from Beitou, the only place in the world it is found is the Tamagawa Hot Spring in Senboku, Japan—a hot spring which also enjoys a reputation for its health-giving properties. 

In his poetry collection Mountain Sea, Great Bay, Lin Wenyu writes, “Smoke stone, collected in the waterfall in the northern hills, patterned like cloud, pale crisscrossing lines, crystal in between, all year round boiling and steaming. Water shining like jade. Dipping in water naked, drawing all illness away. The source in the forest, where precious animals live. ”

Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort

Operated by Taipei Beitou health management hospital(TBH)and Hotel Royal Beitou, Taipei Wellness Clinic and Resort provides health checkup, health management, cosmetic treatment, and hot spring hotel service.


2017 TripAdvisor Excellence Award

2018 TripAdvisor Excellence Award

2018 Guest Review Awards


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