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Top Attractions


The hot spring area combines beautiful natural scenery with cultural-historical significance and has been awarded three stars by the Michelin Green Guide. 

In 1896 Tengu-an, the first hot spring hotel in Taiwan, was opened by the Japanese. It is from this moment that the hot spring district began to flourish. All sorts of hotels and restaurants sprang up during the Japanese Colonial Period, and it was a common sight to see geishas shuttling back and forth on their way to entertain with music and singing. Even today, as one walks among the old buildings of Beitou, one can catch a whiff of the cultured songs and merriment of by-gone days.

A Historical Tour of Beitou

The Beitou hot spring footpath lies only two minutes’ walk from the hotel. The path passes by many scenic spots which are well worth the trouble to visit

Even after being rebuilt many times over, Beitou Park still retains valuable traces of the past, and some of the venerable trees have seen a hundred years of historical change. Beitou Public Library is the first library in Taiwan to be built using the concept of ‘green building’. The site of the present Beitou Hot Springs Museum was first set up in 1913 as a hot spring bathing spot and was at the time the biggest in East Asia. The geothermal valley was considered one of Taiwan’s natural wonders during the Japanese Colonial Period. Ten minutes’ walk from the valley is Beitou Museum, a private museum, which was set up in 1921 as Beitou’s premier hot spring hotel. This Japanese-style building currently houses artistic and cultural artifacts from Taiwan’s early history.

Revitalizing your spirit

Only 30 minutes’ bus ride from the hotel is Yangmingshan National Park, rich in ecological and geological landscapes. Hiking along one of the dozen or so forest paths, you can immerse yourself in the fragrant forest while you exercise. Yangmingshan has many landscapes which change with the season: a sea of flowers, enchanting fireflies, or lush, tall grasses. 

About 20 minutes by metro from the hotel, the Mangrove Nature Reserve and the Guandu Nature Park lie at the intersection of the Danshui and Keelung Rivers, which since ancient times has been an important spot for migrating birds. It has been called “Taipei’s last Pure Land”. More than 200 plant species and 830 animal species make their home here in this precious wetland area.

Cultural tours

The museum’s exhibits will give you a sense of the cultural life and times of the past, while a visit to the night market and old streets will allow you to sample the street food and get a taste of the way of life among ordinary people today. 

A 15-minute southbound metro ride will take you to the National Palace Museum, the Shilin Official Residence (former home of Chiang Kai-shek), the Taipei Expo Park, and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In the evening, you can visit Shilin Night Market, the best introduction to Taiwanese popular culture. 

A 20-minute metro ride to the north will take you to Danshui Old Town and Fisherman’s Wharf. While you visit the old sites and enjoy the harbor scenery, you can also taste traditional Taiwanese snacks such as a-gei (stuffed tofu, deep-fried and steamed), fish crackers and fish balls.