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Open-air Spa


The Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi mineral springs originate from below ground source bicarbonate spring. Since the spring quality is perfect, both colorless and odorless, it is ideal for bathing, leaving one’s skin feeling gentle and supple after soaking, hence the Japanese mineral springs experts refer to them as a “Beautifying Mineral Springs”. We provide an open air bath, aquatherapy bath, male and female baths, and four fragrant bath pavilions, allowing you a selection of baths perfect for the whole family or the ultimate in privacy, satisfying every guest’s demands for the best in mineral spring’s experiences.

Open-air Spa(Four themed Hot Spring)

Feel free to experience our four themed outdoor mineral springs, bringing you as close as possible to the four seasons transformations of the Lanyang Plains. You will enjoy the day and nighttime beauty of the seasons here. Leave all your stress behind as you rejuvenate in the relaxing mineral springs, giving yourself the utter abandon of the mountains and waters, for the ideal carefree vacation experience!

“Children’s Mineral Springs” provides an all family waterfall and water fountain play experience

“Herbal Mineral Springs” provide herbal therapeutic springs and fragrant beautifying mineral baths

“Energizing Aquatherapy” provide foot therapy baths, meditation stress releasing bath, revitalizing massotherapy bath,

ceramic pot relaxing soaking bath, relaxing bath

“Landscape Vistas Pool” is open in the summer from: 07:00-22:00 (April~October at normal ambient water temperature)

Open in winter from: 08:00-22:00 (November~March  warm water temperature)

Exclusive Services: provision of a service reception, dressing room, family shower suite, dryers, reclining chairs, and poolside bar