No.69, Wufeng Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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Recreational Amenities


Souvenir Shop

Offering an array of local Yi-Lan specialties and creative Taiwan works, you will find beauty items, tourism souvenirs, and Hotel Royal exclusive products, all at the Art Store. How can you leave for home without bringing some souvenirs of your stay with us? We also provide shipping to your home and for total purchases over NT$4,000, shipping in Taiwan is free!

Recreation Center

Located proximately to the magazine reading room and children’s play area, we provide an ideal place for parents to relax, and an independent space dedicated to children’s joyous play. Families can enjoy billiards together, or a friendly match of table tennis, as well as a complete exercise gym. We offer daily DIY activities, allowing families to work together to create special memories and souvenirs.


Nightly traditional performances

Building on the traditional Yi-Lan Taiwanese Opera, and classical Chinese musical troupes, every evening we invite you to enjoy a musical feast, bringing you back in time to the good old days, as you relive the best in Lanyang musical creativity.


Self-Service Karaoke KTV

Providing two suites, the Elegant Bamboo and Elegant Note, ideal for your family and friends, to share together with a repertoire of musical classics and the latest songs, for a relaxing night of fun, sure to bring you all closer, as you enjoy a singing party!

Hours open: 20:30-24:00


DIY Classroom

Every morning and afternoon we offer seasonal DIY activities, so feel welcome to join us in creating unique family souvenirs of your stay with us, perfect to serve as reminders of your pleasant memories here.

The One Gallery

The premier resort based store for The One Gallery, offering the finest nouveau recreational concepts: Dress sense fashion, Joy & Fun, Art & Crafts, Living & Dining, and Travel theme offerings throughout The One Gallery.

24 Hour Library

With works you can’t resist and will read again and again... feel free to select a good book and relax as you read with natural sunlight sharing its warmth with you.

Daily Activity Schedule