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Royal Sky Park Golf Course


Covering 1.56 hectares, with 18 holes and 2 practice grounds, the course extends 719.2M. The course is open daily, year-round and offers cool arbors, a training area, foot baths, dining and recreational area, and golf equipment rentals. There are also walkways and bicycle paths, ensuring you both the chance to exercise and enjoy yourself with a healthy and relaxing experience.

Unlike the more typical golf course solely designed for professional play, Park Golf is focused on the enjoyable play experience within a natural environment of 300~1000M permitting personal golf development. You will find your golf skills naturally develop along with proper golf posture and stroke power. On the course, each hole is designed within 30~90M, for nine holes of unrestricted play space, along with greens, sandtraps, ponds, grass, and natural grass areas… for a varied environment conception, allowing you to develop your leg and back strength, as you enjoy this professional play ambience.

After play, you will find you have not enjoyed excellent and refreshing exercise to boost your energy, but in casual dress, with a group of 1-4 players, your usually very busy family can enjoy play together or with a team for a great interactive experience, sure to help build your interpersonal relations, health and good spirit.

Origins: Park Golf was founded in Makubetsu-cho, Hokkaido in 1983 as a sport, counting strokes on the grass, similar to regular golf, but with just a single golf club and ball, and simplified rules, with casual dress, for a relaxing play, perfect for children and elders, in multi-generational play.

Open hours: daily from 08:30~17:00 (from June to September hours are 08:30~18:00, the course paths open at 07:00)

Tee times: half day: morning play time 08:30~12:30|afternoon play time 13:00~17:00;

Full day play: 08:30~17:00

Green fees: play is either for the morning or afternoon or all day periods, please avoid overtime play, you may finish play anytime within the period, but before the expiry of the period. (Other than all day play guests, please comply with game completion procedures).

◎To ensure player safety, children under age 7 are not permitted to play.

◎The course is limited to guests or players, others will be assessed fees as if playing.

◎No visitors are permitted to the course, please respect this requirement.

◎Total number of players: 72

◎Courses: A and B areas, each with 9 holes

Course map:

◎Recreational services:

Foot bath area (providing mineral springs foot bath)- accommodates 20 people

◎Dining area (provides set meals and seating)- accommodates 20 people

Equipment rental area: rental and belongings storage (no bailment for expensive items is permitted)

◎Bicycle rentals: for adult, children or young children

Free rental for hotel guests (for one hour, within the golf course paths only)

If you desire to ride outside the Golf Course, a standard fee of NT$100 is charged (including insurance)

After returning the bicycle, if you wish to ride again you must make a new rental, to ensure bicycle safety

 ◎free sample Park Golf lesson online

For tee time reservations: call the Sky Park Golf reservations desk, extension 8169