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Venue & Facilities


Borrowing from Wang Wei’s Poem, “AN AUTUMN EVENING IN THE MOUNTAINS”, and the verses, “After rain the empty mountain, Stands autumnal in the evening, Moonlight in its groves of pine, Stones of crystal in its brooks. Bamboos whisper of washer-girls bound home, Lotus-leaves yield before a fisher-boat --  And what does it matter that springtime has gone, While you arehere, O Prince of Friends?” The poem is interpreted to refer to the quest for success, fame and fortune, proposing it might be better instead to retreat to the peaceful quietude of the mountains, thus the name for our relaxing banquet rooms. Our four banquet rooms refer to the elegant traditional Japanese spirit of the tea ceremony, “Blending”, “Toasting”, “Simplicity”, and “Togetherness”, which we believe captures the essence of the harmonious relation of man and nature in its poetic conception.

TEL : taipei  02-2541-1999 | kaohsiung 07-223-6117

Grand Banquet Room

Located on the first floor, with an independent entrance to the elegant and expansive banquet room, the design theme is to capture “the beautiful peacefulness of the Lanyang River”. The elegance expresses the movement of flowing stream waters amidst the stone brick white walls, perfectly use of the three basic colors of coal, gold and silver to create an irrepressibly dignified sense. Whether to host your Chinese banquet, western cocktail party, or international press conference, our professional team are able to provide you with customized service and banquet arrangements sure to please. You can trust the outstanding leadership of our Assistant Executive Chef Chuan-Yuan Wu, who has led delegations to France for international culinary exchange, as he combines the best of local ingredients to produce authentic Yi-lan cuisine, which will please even the most demanding of global gourmet connoisseurs for an unforgettable banquet experience. 

Multi-Function Room

One decision, can determine an enterprise’s pinnacle performance for a century!

Our Hotel Royal team isheretoprovide you with outstanding professional consultations before your meeting, whether you are hosting intra corporate training, international meetings, or cocktail parties, we are able to meet all your needs to plan for an independent space, and throughout your meeting to provide special staff to handle the arrangements for audio-visual projections, music and lighting for international conference quality facilities and equipment. You will also enjoy the excellent refreshments and patisserie offerings prepared by our five star hotel Executive Chef team, as you relax amidst the pristine natural environment sure to stimulate your entire team’s spirit and camaraderie, and nurture the seeds of innovation.


Space Rental

※Includes the following amenities: dais floral arrangement (1), 1 whiteboard, 1 speaker stand, 1 projector, 2 microphones, tablecloth,paper, pens and mineral water.

※Overtime charges:

(1) every thirty minutes counts as a full hour overtime, for each hour overtime an additional 1/4th of the base cost is due.


(2)Overtime in excess of 1 hour, counts as 2 hours.

(3)Overtime in excess of 2 hours, shall be counted in individual time segments.

※The prices above, are subject to change without notice.

Rental Services For Videoconferencing Equipment Suites

◎Polycom View Station Multiple Site Videoconferencing Station

◎IRIS Infrared Remote Control 

◎360 Degree Microphone


NT$20,000 per session (four hours per session)

Each additional time segment (per session) NT$3,000

※Any changes in the aforementioned prices are subject to change without notice.

※ Use of broadband and videoconferencing equipment requires advance notice of three days for reservation (not including holidays or weekends).

For meeting consultations please contact: 03-98806288 for the Food and Beverage Unit extensions 8128/8129