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Hotel Activities


Early Morning Walk

Location: Wufengqi Scenic Area

(odd days: Wufengqi Falls| even days: Wufengqi Chapel)

While our cities onTaiwanhave yet to rejuvenate, a walk in the forest paths of theWufengqiMountainsand Waterfall along with the five peaks laying beyond the Falls which form the “Five Peaks Flag (Wufengqi)” Mountains. You’ll delight in the peaks year-round pillows of clouds, as well as the irresistible beauty of the Waterfalls, which often cause visitors to forget time, and the dancing waters of the Western Peak which is one of the Lanyang Plains Eight Amazing Landscapes; you will be amazed with the early morning mist and an amazing biodiversity of flora and insects or the endangered Taiwan Blue Magpie, enjoy nature as she washes away any troubles and refreshes, rebalances, and rejuvenates your heart.


◎Reservations: please make reservations the day before

◎Meeting up for departure: on the day of departure meet at 06:50 at the 1st Floor Lobby

Plant Fruits

Working along with the Chiao Hsi Village Farmers Society to plant mineral spring’s fruits and vegetables, we planted and harvested four seasons of crops including mineral spring’s water spinach, water bamboo, winter kumquat, spring tomato and loofah squash. Our entire team and guests enjoyed experiencing the family farming which is the heart of the Lanyang Plains agricultural lifestyle, and loved the pleasure of nature’s muddy joys!

◎For groups desiring to experience our “Sansing Friendly Farming” or “Chiao Hsi Mineral Spring’s Fruit and Vegetable Harvesting” agricultural activities, please call theRecreationCenterat 03-9886288 extension 8057 for more information.

(Please make your reservations three days in advance, note that price quotes will depend on the number of guests and the specific activities planned). 

Independent Car Touring

1. The aforementioned prices take effect from March 1, 2013, as for weekday rates, public holidays and consecutive holiday period pricing, please contact theServiceCenter.

2. Prices include a driver, tax and service fees; but do not include tourist liability insurance, tickets, or toll tickets.

3.  Fifteen minutes or more shall be deemed overtime for additional fees, for up to two hours; over two hours overtime will be deemed to be 8 hours.

4. In light of the need to manage the vehicle fleet, two days advance notice is required for reservations; same day reservations will depend on vehicle availability.

5. For already complete reservations, for cancellations by the day before at 16:00, a cancellation fee of NT$300 will be assessed, and for cancellation on the day before after 16:00, half the rental fee will be assessed; for cancellation after 24:00 on the day of the rental, the full fee will be assessed.

6. These vehicle rentals include third party liability insurance coverage, mandatory liability insurance, and passenger insurance. For other services, please contact the 1st Floor Lobby/Service Center, extensions 8108/8109.