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Area Activities


Lanyang Culture and Arts Half-Day Tours

Plum Lake Lohas Tour

13:00 Departure →Sanqing temple(This is a headquarter Daoist temple that is located in Dongshan Township in Yilan county . Built in 1970. From here you can watch Plum Blossom Lake panorama)→Plum Blossom Lake- Electric Boat on the lake(About 20 minutes) →Plum Blossom Lake-Walking around or cycling around the lake(bike rent fee have to self-pay)→Enjoy afternoon tea in Salexpark coffee shop →17:00 Back to departure(Terminal can get off at Luodong Night Market)

Tour includes:

Electric boat ticketsSalexpark coffee shop afternoon tea(one set).

Note: Salexpark coffee shop off on Wednesday.

Yi-Lan Old City Visit

13:00 Departure→Featured Local Cultural Museums【Beiguan(traditional music)、Glove puppet show、Taiwanese Opera】→Memorial Park of Shi Fang Yang(To memory the only person who can join to national test in Yilan County,also it have nonscheduled exhibition)→The community of E-Wang【(Have awarded bronze medal of 2014 United Nations best living city(garden city)】→Yilan Winery Museum(wineries, wine tasting, history of factory)→Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration (traditional Japanese style house and garden, Yilan County history, ticket included)→ Yilan Literature Museum【(The place of Takeshi Kaneshiro(an actor of Japanese and Taiwanese descent) taken mobile phone commercial. It is build with Japanese style】→Yilanbooks(take a book, have a coffee, and enjoy a leisure time time)→DuDuDang forest(Have nonscheduled market) → Jimmyspa Park(Taken a picture to memory this trip)→17:00 Back to departure(Terminal can get off at Yilan Dongmen Night Market)

Tour includes: Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration ticketsYilanbooks afternoon tea.

Note: This tour does not apply by Monday because Featured Local Cultural Museums、Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration、Yilan Literature Museum、Memorial Park of Shi Fang Yang day off.

Adult NT$1200 | Child NT$1100|Baby  NT$300(two persons required for departure)

Amazing Lanyang Plans One Day Tour

Visit Kueishan (Turtle Mount) Island for Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour

08:00 or 09:00 Departures→meet to depart at the Pier→09:00 or 12:30 take the boat to Kueishan (Turtle Mount) Island (docent explainsMountTurtlelocal culture and history) →Search for dolphins and whales offshore→around 12:00 or 15:30 return to pier→13:00 or 16:00 return trip.

Tour of Zhen-tou-shan Fruit Village

09:00 depart the hotel→Zhen-tou-shan Fruit Village Tour—Jinpu Orchard (docent + pick fruit + fruit ice cream or drink/[that fortunate year] movie scene sights→Wanglungpi (lakeside path, movie scenes of “that fortunate year”, enjoy free snacks by the lake)→Fermentation Museum and Tourism Workshop (learn about fermentation) →Orange Orchard Tourism Workshop (Kumquat Jelly DIY, ARGIOZ French village style café)→return trip.

Zhongshan Ranch Tour

09:00 depart hotel→visit the headwaters of theDongshanRiver[Zhongshan Recreational Farm] →about 10:00 at theTouristCenterfor the docent tour+ All day tour at the Zhongshan Recreational Farm (visit the farm tea growing area, experience farming activities, such as harvesting tea, enjoy tea drinking, DIY kaleidoscope creation, green tea pastry DIY, smoked egg DIY, maltose candy stick DIY, green tea ice cream DIY or Shangri-La farm ticket... your choice of any two), you can also visit Renshan Botanical Garden to enjoy Lanyang Plains landscapes and extensive biodiversity, or visit the Xianliao Waterfalls perfect for visitors of all ages for paths with plenty of phytoncide for your natural enjoyment) →return trip.

Sanxing Farmland Beauty

09:00 depart hotel→Sanxing Spring Onion Cultural Museum (learn about the unique Sanxing Spring Onion) →onion farming hut (pick onions, wash onions, and make your own DIY fried onion cake)→farmland views (spring onions and garlic fields, between November and January you can see the flowers and scarecrows) →Sanxing Fried Pork Snacks (at your own expense) →Quantoumu Nature Path (permaculture, fern ecology, round trip of1.3KM, from December through February you can enjoy mountain cherry blossoms) or Changpi Lake visit→Tiansongpi Old Station [Next Stop-XingFu] perfect for photography→hito snacks→ return trip.

Su Ao Tourist Village Trip

09:00 depart hotel →NanfangaoTourismCenter(newly built in 2011, multimedia explanations provided)

→NanfangaoBridge(a new landmark in the Port area, see the fishing fleet and visit the port sights)

→Dofujia Coast (coastline, bay) →Neipi Beach (to ramble on the beach ★ movie scenes from “that fortunate year”)

→Nanfangao Sangang Workshop (Nanfangao history, traditional fishery shipbuilding, learn about swallow’s nest specialty)

→Nanfangao Seafood Street→Nantiangong Temple Golden Mazu (for adherents to seek blessings for peace)

→WhiteRiceJapaneseClogsVillage(visit the hometown of these clogs, paint your own clogs + clog keychains DIY/closed Mondays)

→Spring and Summer seasons: Su Ao Cold Springs (natural cool springs of21°Cto delight you) or in the autumn and winter visit the Wuwei Port Waterfowl Preserve (enjoy aquatic bird watching, coloring stone fish DIY/closed Mondays)

→Yi-Lan Pastries Tourist Workshop or Xihe Foods Tourist Workshop→return trip.

Adult NT$1500 | Child NT$1300 | Baby  NT$300

Theme Tours

Mount Taiping Deep Relaxing Tour 

09:00 depart the hotel→head straight toMountTaiping→visitthe Mount Taiping Forest Tour Area (enjoy in the forest and taste coffee in the clouds)→Maoxing Path/Back Mountain Virgin Forest Park, you can also try the more challenging Tieshanlin Forest Path→Taiping Manor lunch→14:30 depart for Jiuzize Mineral Springs (Rentze Mineral Springs) →return trip.

Hengshantou Blessed Waters Tour

09:00 depart the hotel→ visit the Chinche Whiskey Factory (the new home of Taiwanese Whiskey)→Hengshantou Recreational Farm area → herbal gardens (tour, herbal bonsai DIY, at 14:00 enjoy a light lunch)→visit the Keda recreational farm (squeeze goat milk, feed baby goats, goat milk steamed buns DIY)→return trip.

Adult NT$2000 | Child NT$1800|Baby  NT$300