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Top Attractions


Yi-LanCountylocated in Northeast Taiwan, can be reached through the Mt. Snow Tunnel, about fifty minutes fromTaipei. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, it has a unique geographic setting with which to welcome ocean views. With cool mineral springs, agricultural specialties, and ubiquitous natural vistas, and a rich local culture, ecology, and spirit for hospitality, you are sure to appreciate the hard working local folk. Thereis also a Yi-Lan International Children’s Festival and Green Exhibition along with other major international events, evincing just how perfect Yi-Lan is for tourism by domestic and international tourists alike!

Forest Beauty



Hosts millennia old red cypress and cypress, named for famous people resulting in an interesting ecological history tour.

Songluo Lake

Songluo Lake located1300Mabove sea, surrounded by mountains on four sides, and covered with clouds throughout the year,like a humble young woman hiding her beauty behind a veil, the lake is also known as “The Beautiful Seventeen Year Old Lake”, and is very worthy of your visit.

Mount Taiping

MountTaipingis located2000Mabove sea, traditionally known as “Resting Brain” (the verdant green forest being very restful). From the subtropical rainforest to the fragrant camphor trees to the bird heart stone, red cypress and needle-leaved mixed forest, thereare very rich forests, whereyou can see the Mikado pheasant, Swinhoe`s pheasant and other rare birds in Taiwan from time to time, as well as the Tieshanlin, Maoxing, Cuifong Lake and Shanmaoju Forest Paths. You can also ride a bumper car at theMaoxingVirginEcologyPark,enjoying the beautiful robust forest ecology.

Ocean Heaven


Mount Turtle (Kueishan)

MountTurtle(Kueishan) is surrounded with seabed mineral springs which are active year round, providing a unique vista in thePacificIsland, with many dolphins and whales inhabiting the area, perfect to enjoy seeing a school of dolphins jumping playfully from the sea.

Busy Bazaar

Night MarketNight Market Top Snacks. Enjoy Luodong Night Market and Yi-Lan Night Market for a myriad of snacks, along with Yi-Lan specialties such as skewers, savory fried pastries, fried pork strips, or Oyster Crepes, Fermented Stinky Tofu, and soysauce braised snacks. Or you can select from among the many interesting night market gift items perfect for shopping with family and friends or for an unforgettable experience among international tourists.


Nanbeiguan Market

Nanbeiguan Market is a century old traditional market providing the sundry needs of Yi-Lan residents, including a local green grocer market, local specialty snacks, traditional Chinese goods, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, wedding gifts, traditional pastry chops, fun fish catching kiosks, so enjoy a trip and travel back in time to experience traditional Yi-Lan.

Cold Mineral Springs SPA


Chiao Hsi Mineral Springs

Chiao Hsi Mineral Springs are Yi-Lan’s Chiao Hsi plains sodium bicarbonate springs, with refreshing waters that are colorless and odorless, after soaking, your skin will be rejuvenated and supple, these springs are praised by Japanesehot springsexperts as “Beautification Springs”.


Su Ao Cold Mineral Springs

Su Ao Cold Mineral Springs are low temperature seep carbonate springs, with a clear color and odorless, unique among their kind in East Asia, and after soaking you will appreciate supple new skin and a rebalanced, rejuvenated spirit and body.