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Royal Bakery


New European Bread- Greet You with Natural Flower and Fruit Aroma

European Bread with natural flower and fruit aroma is not only healthy but tasty. Royal Bakery represents two new flavors- Apricot Osmanthus Bread and Sake Lees Tangerine Bread.

Our specially offered European bread is added with natural ingredients, such as apricots, osmanthus, and tangerines. Its firm consistency with flora and fruit aroma as well as low-sugar gives you nutritious and healthy diet. It is daily oven baked fresh and we truly would like to share it with you.

Nougat Candy(Macadamia or Macha Green tea)

We select natural sea salt from England, French Échiré butter, premium macadamia nuts from Queensland, sublime fusion of Taiwanese traditionally made maltose and Japanese trehalose. 

Product & Price:


Original Milk Flavor Macadamia Nut Nougat Candy: 30 pieces per pack  NT$420


Macha Green Tea Flavor Macadamia Nut Nougat Candy:15pieces per pack  NT$220


The Chef

Executive ChefSting Shih


The chef Sting in food and beverage industry over 20 years, but his first job is being an office worker in the textile factory. Only after three months he quit the job wuth the reason of the interest in baking. After leaving the textile factory, he got a job in a small bakery, which opened his culinary career from then. After a period of experience, the Chef Sting joined hotel royal hsinchu, until now, has been a decade.

Chef Sting said :” I just love making bread. Working wholeheartedly, could make 101 points on products.”

The Chef is also a teacher in college, he said:” greatest pleasure for teaching is when I see the smiles on the students’ faces, especially when they finished their products, it’s the sense of accomplishment.”

Royal Bakery has been loved by many customers for long time, in addition to the Chef carefully produced each cake and bread, but also innovated new flavors with his ingenuity. He stuns our customers and lays an excellent reputation for the Royal bakery in Hsinchu! 

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