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Top Attractions


Hsinchu City is a high-tech community blessed with mountain and coastal scenery. Our green mountains and blue water are simple, yet pleasant and beautiful to behold. Aiming to promote a dual theme of technology and culture, we are making strong efforts to set up more parks, plant more trees and flowers so that Hsinchu City also becomes a garden city with birdsong, fragrance, happiness, abundance, health, success. 

17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline

The best time to visit the 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline is on an early summer morning or summer evening. The view of the blue sky and vast ocean helps visitors to unwind, and there is a lot of fun stuff for kids to do.

Families who only plan to ride bicycles for an hour or two can drive directly to the Gangnan Coastal Scenic Area. This section of the bike path is quite flat, and there are numerous bikes for rent, including tricycles, tandem bicycles and "lovers` trikes" (two-person side-by-side recumbent tricycles) , Inside the Scenic Area, there is also an air-conditioned restaurant, in which people can hold a big party.

Hsinchu Municipal Glass Art Museum

Discover amazing glass artwork, learn more about how glass is blown and shaped. 

The museum complex is in itself a beautiful space. Formerly the Autonomous Club House, the original building of the museum was constructed in 1936 to accommodate visiting royal family from Japan.

Yin Hsi East Gate

Once marking the main entry to Hsinchu, the East Gate sits on a granite base pierced by an arched walkway. On the upper half of the gate is a building originally constructed of wood and later rebuilt in concrete. The building is supported by 24 columns on which sit a double-eaved roof with a short upturned ridge that adds to the power of the design. In front of the gate is a stone stele recounting the history of the construction of the Hsinchu City wall. There is also a public square that joins both traditional and modern elements at the front of this major Hsinchu landmark.

Historic Sites of Hsinchu City

Hsinchu Train Station

The Hsinchu Train Station is the most beautiful old station house in Taiwan. Designed by the Japanese architect Manchou Matsugazaki, it features a heavy baroque style. The overall effect is majestic yet friendly. It is a Hsinchu landmark.

Hsinchu State City Affairs Office

The Hsinchu State City Affairs Office was built in 1930 when the area was upgraded to Hsinchu City to reflect Hsinchu`s rise of political and economic status. After the Nationalists came to Taiwan, the building served for a time as the ruling KMT`s Hsinchu chapter office before it was turned into the city`s North District Household Registration Office. It is currently under renovation.

Cheng Huang Temple

The city god of Hsinchu is a mighty and influential god. Along with the Mazu (goddess of the sea) of Beigang, he is one of the two most important deities in Taiwan. The temple has enjoyed great popularity ever since it was built 250 years ago during the Qing Dynasty and remains one of the most prominent religious centers in Hsinchu and Taiwan.