No. 601, Yingcai Road, West District, Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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Hotel at a Glance


Royal Hotel Group`s design boutique hotel brand The Place is expanding to Taichung and opening in July 2018! The only hotel themed Fun, Fusion, Fashion, The Place Taichung is located along Calligraphy Greenway, the upscale shopping district of Taichung.The hotel blends Taichung’s local culture and charm and is a springboard to the surprising spots across this entertaining city – an out-of-the-box experience for the modern traveler. 

Not just a journey, but a refreshing urban exploration!

The Place is expanding to Taichung because of the city’s wonderful beaches and stunning mountains, the convenient north-south traffic connections, and the agreeable climate.

Here, the old and new, east and west have blended into a fashionable synthesis expressed in the city’s architecture, cuisine, culture, geography, and arts – a colorful kaleidoscope that never ceases to attract and amaze visitors.

The hotel’s façade reflects the city’s intriguing texture of old and new, its large geometric glass panes creating a captivating geometric play of diamond shapes and free-flowing lines and giving visitors a new perspective on Taichung’s colorful cityscape by day and by night.

Not just a hotel, but a brand-new aesthetic experience!

The 12-storey hotel has 170 sophisticated and comfortable guest rooms, an art exhibition space, and an Italian restaurant. The “art gallery” concept guided the planning of the overall space, with the simplicity of white as the main theme, highlighted with black ironwork and cleverly designed light beams. The concept unifies the main lobby, guest rooms, restaurants, and hallways into one fluid multi-functional aesthetic space. 

The hotel also moves beyond the conventional boundaries of what a hotel is by ushering in local life, art, and culture through exhibitions and events. This gives artists and designers from Taichung another stage and helps convey the city’s creativity and imagination to visitors from across Taiwan and beyond.