No.368, Sec. 1, Zhonghua E. Rd., East Dist., Tainan City 70155, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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Hotel location

Driving directions

Freeway 1 (Zhongshan Highway)

Exit from the Rende Interchange → Pass through the Zhongshan Road and the Dongmen Road Make a right on the Section 2 of Zhonghua East Road Go straight all the way past the intersection of the Section 1 of Zhonghua East Road and the Yunong Road (Hojia Traffic Circle) The Place Tainan is on your left-hand side

Exit from the Yongkang Interchange Pass through the Zhongzheng South Road and the Zhonghua Road Zhonghua East Road The Place Tainan is on your right-hand side

Exit from the Dawan Interchange Pass through the Xiaodong Road Make a right on the Section 2 of Zhonghua East Road The Place Tainan is on your right-hand side

Freeway 3 (Zhongshan Highway)

Exit from the Guangmiao Interchange  Provincial Highway 86  Go north from the Rende System Interchange  Freeway 1  Exit from the Rende Interchange

Freeway 8 (Zhongshan Highway)

Anding Interchange  Freeway 1 or Provincial Highway 1  Downtown Tainan

Provincial Highway 1

Go south and take the Zhonghua Road  the Zhonghua East Road

Go north and take the Datong Road  the Zhonghua East Road

Provincial Highway 17, Provincial Highway 20 and Provincial Highway 86 all lead to downtown Tainan


Parking Information

The Place Tainan and the T.S. Mall share a 24-hour parking lot (underground parking lot of the T.S.Mall) and may be accessed from the Section 1 of Zhonghua East Road.

The Place Tainan is located within the T.S. Mall, and might not have enough parking spaces during the rush hour from 16:00 to 20:00 on weekends or long holidays.

Should you find it hard to park in the underground parking lot, there are three more options near the hotel: Dongning outdoor temporary parking lot (about 10-minute walk to the hotel), or take the Kaishuen Road and use the multi-storey car park within the T.S. Mall (opening from 11:00 to 22:00 ) 

Parking Lot Charge Standard

1. Hotel guests may redeem the motorcycle/car parking rates according to the length of their stay that could go all the way to 12 P.M. on the very day of check-out (special tour packages not included). 

2. For those who use our restaurants or conference rooms could have 4-hour free parking time(including motorcycle/car).

3. Buses for group guests could be parked in the outdoor parking lot where parking fees are needed.

T.S. Mall Parking Lot Charge Standard

Public transportation

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) 

Get off at Tainan station and take the THSR shuttle bus (route to the Chi Mei Medical Center) → Alight at the T.S. Mall→ You may find The Place Tainan right in the same complex.

Transfer by taxi, approximately 20 minutes. 

THSR Shuttle Bus Information


 Taiwan Railway 

Get off at Tainan station and transfer by taxi, approximately 10 minutes.

Get off at Tainan station and transfer by bus(No,77), the bus stop station is in front of Shangri-La Hotel, approximately 18 minutes.


Transfer by taxi from Tainan airport, approximately 18 minutes.