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6789 Gallery


Tainan has a lot to offer, so we leave some space for limitless creativity to shine.
It could be local voices from Tainan, international artists’ imagination about this place, or the beautiful fusion of the two. You, more than anything else, could well be a part of this interactive process.

Current Exhibition: The Place Exhibition No. 15 - Life Traveler

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes.  - Marcel Proust

The exhibition shows the four common aspects of life, Streets, Industries, Religions and Art. We can follow the new perspectives of the artists to discover the daily life, including the food trucks, traditional handicraft masters, local traditional industries, religions etc.

Through the exhibition, we hope the travelers will slow down life, look at the things around themselves with new visions, understand the stories and customs, connect with the individuals and local network. Be inspired by the amazing life any time any where.


6F - Next Art Tainan_Romantic Geography of Everyday Life- 2021

7F - Shiny Stamp “Step by Stamp I- Daily Life in Town"

8F - Shiny Stamp “Step by Stamp II- Industry in Town”

9F - Junmay Label & Textile “Weaving Tainan”

Exhibition Date:2021.03.13-2021.08.29  11:00am~09:00pm
Exhibition Location: 6789 Gallery



As the exhibition is held on floors where guest rooms are located, please contact our front desk in the lobby on the 1st floor for a pass prior to your tour.


【Exhibition History】

2014.12-2015.06 Global Dialogue-Tainan x Dutch Design

2015.07-2015.11 City Line

2015.12-2016.03 You-s

2016.04-2016.07 The Forth Wall

2016.07-2016.10 Where is the Forth Wall

2016.10-2017.02 Hi Hai

2017.03-2017.08 Along the Way

2017.09-2018.02 Experience the City


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