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6789 Gallery


Tainan has a lot to offer, so we leave some space for limitless creativity to shine.
It could be local voices from Tainan, international artists’ imagination about this place, or the beautiful fusion of the two. You, more than anything else, could well be a part of this interactive process.

Current Exhibition: The Place Exhibition No. 13 - Sik-tsuí Island_The colour of Taiwan

“Sik-tsui” means colour in Taiwanese. Colour is everywhere in our life. Different colours represent different culture and tradition on this island. The multiple culture around us creates an unique colourful scene. This exhibition focus on the connection between local and colours with the artists’ characters and interpretation. We invite the travellers to enter this “colourful” exhibition to experience the street culture, human networks, earth and scenery and to get inspired by the artworks, feelings, wordings and aesthetic.



6F “Earth - Next Art Tainan_Colour Alchemy

7F “View” -Godkidlla _Mountains and Sea

8F “Thing” -Wen-Cheng Lee_Taiwan Dream in Tainan

9F Wuba Yang_Taiwan, Coloured by Fern.


Exhibition Date:2020.03.14-2021.02.28  11:00am~09:00pm
Exhibition Location: 6789 Gallery



As the exhibition is held on floors where guest rooms are located, please contact our front desk in the lobby on the 1st floor for a pass prior to your tour.


【Exhibition History】

2014.12-2015.06 Global Dialogue-Tainan x Dutch Design

2015.07-2015.11 City Line

2015.12-2016.03 You-s

2016.04-2016.07 The Forth Wall

2016.07-2016.10 Where is the Forth Wall

2016.10-2017.02 Hi Hai

2017.03-2017.08 Along the Way

2017.09-2018.02 Experience the City


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