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Venue & Facilities


Meeting room design is quite simple, there are a variety of space size settings, and we provide refreshments and meals of your choice, as well as offering professional and personalized service.

【 Venue space 】

【 Basic amenities 

【 Equipment rentals 】


1.For any serious wear and tear (including to the carpet), you will bear full liability, for all costs and all the damages.

2.There is no smoking or consumption of betel nuts allowed on the premises anywhere.

3.Prior to confirmation of reservations, we reserve the right to change any reservations or meeting arrangements.

4.The aforementioned reservations should be reconfirmed within 7 days of the meeting, to ensure arrangements.

5.If you are unable to confirm reservations within 7 days of the meeting, resulting in inability to serve the requisite number of persons, the arrangements must be made to meet the requirement of the Hotel.

6.The reservation must guarantee at least 90% of the total, and if the actual amount are less, you will still be responsible for the total guaranteed amount.

7.At the time of reservation, a 20% deposit must be paid.

8.For any changes in the above prices, notice will be provided.