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Luxury Vacation, Vitalizing your Soul at Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Located right in the heart of Wufongqi Scenic Area overlooking the entire Yilan city and 50-minute drive away from downtown Taipei, Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi is truly a blessing for city tired souls. Famous for its healing power natural hot spring, guests could enjoy indulging in varieties of mineral pools and vitalizing spa treatments, finely selected cuisine with freshly-picked local ingredients or a day at hotel’s park golf course or carefully chosen activities varied by each seasons. Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi’s 5-Star services is not only well-known domestically as Taiwan’s leading hotel resort, but has also recently received three internationally-recognized awards; ‘Small Luxury Hotel of the World’, ‘ World Luxury Hotel Award’ and TripAdvisor’s ‘Traveler’s Choice Awards’ which is based on unbiased recommendations from users all over the world. Enjoy the internationally praised services, immerse yourself in Taiwan’s most famous hot spring site and relish your soul in our Shangri-la on earth at Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi.

Landscaped Gardens

Master designer Ito designed five themed garden landscapes, “verdant jade waters pavilion”, “moonlit pavilion”, “stone and grass pavilion”, “verdant winds pavilion”, and “vistas pavilion”, expressing his rhythmic sense of the seasons, with large transparent glass windows stretching from floor to ceiling, creating a visual aesthetic of expansively open views, amidst the greenery and floral landscapes, with waterfalls stretched between. Amidst the refreshing natural phytoncide, you are sure to feel transported to the mystical and no longer mythical Shangri-La experience.

Our dedicated service team wins recognition with 12 international awards

Our entire hotel team efforts in service and marketing innovation have been recognized with 12 international honors, as our event participation and culinary marketing in Seoul, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore and Phuket, reveal the heartfelt service of our team members, helping Yi-Lan enjoy a global presence, and allowing the international community to experience Yi-Lan! “I am a service professional”, this is the consistent theme of the Hotel Royal staff, for each day over the past eight years, serving “each guest to complete their perfect resort vacation dream”. In 2013 to 2014 we were honored with attention and recognition from four major global awards, winning the 2013-2014 online tourist voters “Trip Advisor Traveller’s Choice” in the luxury, popular and family tour categories. Our Hotel Royal Group Chief Executive Officer and Chiao Hsi President Fangcheng Shen recently visited Phuket, Thailand, to accept the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Awards (WLHA), where we received recognition from among 87 countries and more than 1,000 hotel entrants. The competition selected national champions, continental champions, and global winners, with only 44 hotels worldwide selected for the global winners category, including the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi as Taiwan’s only winner of the Global (Taiwan) Winner: Best Luxury Family All-Inclusive Resort. CEO Shen was moved as he said: “We deeply appreciate this international recognition, as this is an honor for the entire Chiao Hsi team, showing how we meet our diversified guests’ needs, with service that continually evolves to exceed guest expectations, while we continue to work hard together!” Additionally, the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi has recently received notice from the leading global media group, Condé Nast (publishers of VOGUE and GQ), that we have been awarded as the only Taiwan recipient of the Condé Nast Johansens Recommended Hotels 2013-2014, in recognition of our hotel design, exceptional service, and innovative marketing. This recognition as Taiwan’s best from a leading European media group, and the third of our global awards this year, reveals us as the rightful Pride of Taiwan!

Our International Culinary Marketing, Promoting the Taiwan Brand

Our entire Chiao Hsi public relations team leads a delegation which had previously been to Seoul to promote Taiwan gastronomy, and was pleased to be invited by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taipei municipality, to visit Paris, France, to participate in the “Taiwan Banquet Table” events. The cycle of life was the theme of the banquets with dishes tied to traditional life event ceremonies such as prayer for blessing, marriage, newlywed banquet, child’s first thirty days, blessing a new home, end of year celebration, and birthday, for a total of twelve different life cycle celebration themes mindfully incorporated into the entrees. The cuisine not only met with praise from Le Cordon Bleu of Paris, which awarded certificates to all three of the Hotel Royal chefs. This culinary marketing resulted in many international cuisine firsts; including the first time a foreign culinary team has been permitted to prepare an international “diplomacy banquet” at the French Parliament. Distinguished guests included the French Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry, and former Premier Mme. Edith Cresson, along with 60 VIPs in attendance; our “A Night of Taipei’s Culinary Delights” met with resounding interest as the Executive Chef to the former French Premier attended, along with many Michelin 3 star chefs, and the Presidents of the premiere French culinary institutes, Ferrandi and Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and many legislators, UNESCO officials, and 26 French media representatives. The banquet ended with a rousing round of ten minutes of applause. Noting the success of these efforts, our Representative in France, Ambassador Chinglong Lu remarked: “This is an unprecedented success! The care with which the entire Hotel Royal team performed to produce this outstanding banquet was superlative! All of the VIP guests in attendance were amazed at the success of our Taiwanese culinary diplomacy as a uniquely persuasive form of soft power, and they hope for more such gastronomic exchange between France and the EU and Taiwan.

Paving the way to one’s dreams, and igniting the engine to success

The Hotel Royal team is busy paving the way to our dreams and igniting the engine of success, ensuring our guests realize their perfect vacation dream! The Hotel Royal staff once even helped a guest try all the possible combinations of a luggage password until the right one was found after a guest forgot their password; for a couple from Japan who had been unable to celebrate their golden anniversary on time, we hosted their belated celebration with romantic hospitality for the couple; and for our Muslim guests we provide special service on their day of rest, as well as special staff to help with Sabbath elevator service when needed; we also helped a rare disease sufferer enjoy a family vacation, allowing them to enjoy the same first class treatment as all our guests... all examples of how the Hotel Royal serves our guests from the heart, providing service above and beyond our SOP, to make you feel right at home, as we meet each guest’s unique needs, creating memorable, personalized vacation memories!

Putting our all into public interest charity, working to promote local causes and culture

Throughout 2012-2014 we developed our “Hotel Royal Seed Teams” working to engage in both long-term children’s’ projects and local environmental projects with World Vision (Taiwan) hosting a 12 hour fast, supporting the Children’s plan and seed teacher team project, along with charitable support to the Family Support League, Franz Collection, United Appeal, and other charities in 10 charitable events, raising over NT$1 million in donations over the year. Our colleagues also worked as volunteers in organic farming and harvesting, the Fast for 30 hours, Beautification Association, and charity sales events, while also working to help socially disadvantaged families with single parents, senior citizens, children and the differently disabled ; in 2014 we inaugurated the Lanyang Crafts Classes with World Vision (Taiwan), with our Hotel Royal colleagues rotating as “Hotel Royal Seed Teachers”, at the remote Mao-An indigenous community working with the children to learn music and other crafts, in the hope that every part of the Lanyang plains will benefit because we believe that working in the public interest is not only about donating materials, but about personally investing one’s time, and ensuring resources and attention, to establish long-term means of assistance, providing for achieving sustainable operations.

Innovative Four Seasons Packages, Providing Surprising Experiences

How difficult is it to rent a hot air balloon for flights from the hotel? How hard can it be for eight people on a beach to assemble a one-star beach translucent tent? How hot is it under a 32℃ sun for guests seeking an unforgettable adventure experience? In the spring we offer guests the chance to pick fresh local mineral springs produce and fruit to enjoy on a tasty itinerary; in autumn we purchased an old-fashioned traditional pop corn maker allowing guests an experience of autumn flavor after the harvest day; and reservations to Mt. Turtle Island for trips onshore, or rental of a private yacht for parties, we offer exquisite trips for every season taking our guests rappelling, waterfall climbing, rock climbing and river tracing, everything you need for natural adventure sport amidst your favorite private locations ! Each of these seasonal specials, requires of our entire Hotel Royal Team the completion of a “Mission Impossible”, but truth be told, enjoying the broad smiles on our guest’s faces and seeing the children play until utter exhaustion, leaves us all feeling it was absolutely “worth it”!

Going it all with organic farming, through four great itineraries

Working in conjunction with the Sanxing Township’s Xing-Jian Village since 2011 by leasing rice paddy, we collaborated with local farmers to guide our 300 employees in organic farming efforts, allowing our guests to participate in guided tours as well as in sharing the harvest; in 2012 guests began taking part in the spring planting, and to date several thousand guests have participated, earning favorable coverage from over 30 domestic and international media. In 2013 these efforts evolved into corporate Team Building and periodic tours for Hong Kong and Macau tour groups, affording them experiences in farming as an exciting part of their travel itinerary, as a special form of meaningful international tourism, earning excellent media reportage promoting this is an example of outstanding local cultural tourism.

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